Advantages and Disadvantages of Fire-Resistant Doors – Are You Aware ?

The advantages of fire-resistant doors include high durability, robustness, and excellent fire resistance. These doors, made from high-quality stainless steel, withstand harsh environmental conditions and external impacts effectively. Additionally, the appealing wood grain surface enhances the aesthetic appeal of wood grain steel doors, providing an attractive and fitting addition to your living space.

1.Fire-Resistant Doors Ensure Safety for Buildings

In the current market, there are three main types of fire-resistant doors: wood grain steel fire-resistant doors, steel fire-resistant doors, and rolling fire-resistant doors.

Safety is the primary consideration when it comes to fire-resistant doors. Unlike interior doors that prioritize aesthetics like other conventional doors, fire-resistant steel doors not only offer aesthetic appeal but also provide various benefits such as fire resistance, soundproofing, heat resistance, and excellent sound insulation.

Designed with a robust door system, fire-resistant steel doors are made from high-quality steel and advanced alloys. Therefore, they have the ability to withstand high temperatures and resist strong impacts from the external environment without deformation.

Cửa thép chống cháy

Large-scale structures such as factories, workshops, and warehouses often employ fire-resistant rolling doors as a passive fire prevention measure, enhancing safety at the installation site. This is a crucial product that is always given top priority by contractors and investors and is deemed a mandatory requirement. Although the cost of fire-resistant rolling doors may be higher than other conventional door types, the undeniable effectiveness justifies the investment.

Let’s delve into the detailed advantages and disadvantages of each type of door in the following content:

2.Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Grain Steel Doors

Each construction project may have specific door installation locations based on its unique design. Despite having identical structures, fire-resistant doors are strategically installed in areas such as staircases, emergency exits, etc., while wood grain steel doors are commonly used similarly to interior or main doors in apartments and houses.

Apart from being made of fire-resistant steel and having non-flammable surfaces, wood grain steel doors also operate similarly to fire-resistant doors. Each specific type of door may exhibit slight operational differences, ensuring optimal convenience for consumers.

In general, both fire-resistant doors and wood grain steel doors typically utilize panic bars instead of locks. In the event of a fire, occupants can easily exit by pushing the panic bar, causing the door to automatically open and then close promptly to prevent the spread of the fire.

2.1. Advantages of Wood Grain Steel Doors


In terms of safety, wood grain steel doors are the most secure, providing absolute protection against theft, cutting, robustness, and long-lasting material durability. Moreover, wood grain steel doors excel in fire safety, effectively preventing the spread of fire. This is why fire-resistant doors are constructed from electrostatically painted steel.

Soundproofing and Thermal Insulation

Regardless of the highest standards applied to natural wood doors, industrial wood doors, or aluminum-framed glass doors, they all only equate to wood grain steel doors in terms of soundproofing and thermal insulation. Why is that? It’s because wood grain steel doors have high sealing properties, with the door leaf featuring two steel surfaces for soundproofing and honeycomb paper for excellent sound absorption.

High Aesthetic Appeal

Thanks to modern embossing and advanced electrostatic painting technologies, remarkable wood grain steel door sets have been created. Even natural wood enthusiasts find themselves convinced by the colors and designs of wood grain steel doors. Combining wood grain steel doors with engraved glass overcomes the drawbacks of dullness, further enhancing the sophistication of wood grain steel doors.

Reasonable Cost

When compared to natural wood doors, wood grain steel doors are a much more cost-effective choice. The accessories for wood grain steel doors are also more affordable than high-end aluminum-framed glass doors.


Wood grain steel doors exhibit high stability, remaining free from warping, rotting, or requiring maintenance. Unlike natural wood doors that necessitate upkeep and glass replacement like aluminum-framed glass doors, the accessories are sturdy with minimal need for repairs. Stable and reliable, wood grain steel doors eliminate worries about adjustments, repairs, or maintenance.

Contribution to Environmental Protection, Climate Change Mitigation

Undoubtedly, steel production contributes to certain climate changes. However, the use of steel doors helps prevent deforestation and reduces reliance on natural wood, contributing to the Earth’s climate improvement.

2.2. Disadvantages of Wood Grain Steel Doors

  • Wood grain steel doors used for entrances and windows rarely incorporate glass, making them unsuitable for high-light environments, such as in condominiums and projects requiring high natural light levels.
  • Wood grain steel doors are often used for main doors, balcony doors, room dividers, emergency exits, and windows. These doors are less commonly employed for walls or glass partitions.
  • The production time for wood grain steel doors is longer than that of aluminum-framed glass doors. Wood grain steel door models are less diverse than wooden doors, usually limited to fixed patterns and colors.
  • Wood grain steel doors offer fewer opening solutions compared to aluminum-framed glass doors. They typically only feature swing openings without sliding, folding, or accordion-style openings.

Ưu nhược điểm của cửa thép vân gỗ

3. Advantages of Fireproof Steel Doors

Ensuring Life Safety

Safety is the primary reason driving the desire to own a set of fireproof doors. Instead of conventional interior doors with aesthetic qualities, fireproof doors can offer much more. They provide fire resistance, heat resistance, noise reduction, and soundproofing.

The design of the door system is extremely robust, made from high-quality steel or alloy materials capable of withstanding high temperatures and resisting strong impacts from the outside without deformation. The details of the bolts and locks also aim for high safety.

Particularly, when purchasing fireproof steel doors, customers should check whether they come with a Fire Prevention and Control Certificate. This is crucial because there are many low-quality fireproof doors on the market, posing safety risks to individuals during use.

Fire Resistance and Heat Insulation

Fireproof steel doors are designed and constructed to withstand fire for a specified duration. The fire resistance duration varies, and customers can choose doors with different fire resistance levels based on their needs. This feature ensures that in the event of a fire, the doors will act as a barrier, preventing the spread of flames and providing valuable time for evacuation.

Noise Reduction and Soundproofing

In addition to fire resistance, fireproof steel doors contribute to noise reduction and soundproofing. The materials and construction of these doors help create a barrier against external noise, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful interior environment.

Durability and Longevity

Fireproof steel doors are known for their durability and longevity. The robust materials used in their construction make them resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to traditional doors. This durability makes them a cost-effective investment in the long run.

Security Features

Fireproof steel doors are equipped with advanced security features. The locking mechanisms and reinforced frames enhance overall security, providing protection against unauthorized access and potential break-ins.

Additional Safety Measures

Some fireproof steel doors come with additional safety features, such as built-in fire detection and suppression systems. These features can further enhance the overall safety of a building, providing comprehensive protection against fire-related incidents.

Regulatory Compliance

High-quality fireproof steel doors comply with relevant safety and fire regulations. This compliance ensures that the doors meet industry standards for fire resistance, providing customers with confidence in the effectiveness of these safety measures.

  • No Cracks

    This is a prominent advantage of fireproof steel doors compared to wooden doors. Fireproof doors can withstand various impacts. Whether it’s rain, wind, or storms, the door remains steadfast, providing protection for your family. The door can maintain its original condition and aesthetic factors.

    Easy Maintenance

    The fireproof door system is coated with electrostatic paint, making it resistant to pests and highly durable, unlike wooden doors. The design is scientifically calculated, ensuring safety for users.

    For Alux fireproof doors, each door leaf is painted with electrostatic paint, making cleaning and maintenance more straightforward. After installation, the door can operate efficiently for an extended period.

    Competitive Costs

    The cost of fireproof doors is slightly higher than that of conventional doors. This is understandable due to the numerous superior features of the product, especially for fire-resistant doors, making the investment entirely reasonable.

    Alux fireproof doors are manufactured using modern technology, ensuring color durability, beauty, and elegance that does not fade over time. Additionally, fire-resistant doors come in various colors, meeting the aesthetic preferences of customers.

    Utilizing New Technology:

    With independent interlocking nanotechnology, the slats of rolling doors are arranged parallel to each other when pulled up, minimizing paint scratches compared to traditional rolling doors.

Nan cửa cuốn Alux được xếp gọn trong hộp kỹ thuật

Alux rolling door slats are neatly arranged within the technical box.

  • Door slats are in the form of large sheets, making the door more robust. Each slat is independently linked to the pulley system, reducing the workload for the motor.
  • Door Designs: Diverse designs with various colors are available. Particularly, the door can be coated with a wood grain layer according to customer preferences.
  • Door Sizes: Currently, the unit has produced doors with an opening size of up to 8000x6500mm, ensuring compliance with fire resistance requirements such as ei15, ei30, ei45, ei60, ei90.
  • Installation and Operation: Installation is relatively simple and does not require high technical expertise. The new slat folding technology provides a smooth operation experience.
  • Good Durability, Long Lifespan: The slats are made of super-hard steel alloy, ensuring the door’s longevity and resistance to fire factors, ensuring safety for the construction.



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