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With the aim of bringing quality products to consumers nationwide, Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company has been actively expanding its network of agents and distributors across the country, along with many attractive agency policies.

Adhering to the motto “Accompanying – Co-developing,” Alumax Vietnam always listens and strives to improve to provide the best Agency Policies, ensuring maximum benefits for our valued customers. Below are some special incentives that Alumax Vietnam offers to our Agents/Distributors.

I. Development and Partnership Principles

  • Building long-term partner relationships based on seeking collaboration opportunities and being ready to share opportunities and business benefits with Distributors/Agents.

  • Share information, apply fair and reasonable policies across the entire distribution channel, while providing maximum support to Distributors/Agents in the face of market fluctuations and competition.

  • Determining the goal of developing product quality as the top priority. Implementing a product diversification strategy to serve the diverse needs of customers, considering it as a core element to elevate the brand and achieve business profitability.

II. Financial Support

1. Regular Purchase Discounts

  • Distributors/Agents will enjoy a fixed discount based on the order volume, applied directly to the selling price at the time of delivery.

  • This discount policy operates independently and will run concurrently with other support programs or business promotions from the Company for Distributors/Agents.

  • Distributors/Agents can choose to make direct payments after each delivery or use the bank transfer method. In the event that Distributors/Agents do not make payments within the specified period, the Company will temporarily suspend product supply.

2. Pricing Policy and Price Protection

Purchase Price:

  • Based on purchasing results and other collaboration commitments, Distributors/Agents will be eligible for a preferential pricing policy for corresponding levels.

  • The pricing policy is established to ensure competitiveness and maximize profits for Distributors/Agents in the market.

Price Protection:

  • In the event of a Company price reduction, Distributors/Agents will be price-protected for the remaining inventory of similar products in stock.

  • The price protection policy applies only to products with purchase invoices and warranty vouchers from the Company within 30 days from the date of the price reduction announcement.

3. Contracts and Receivables Management

Contracts: Immediately after signing the contract, Distributors/Agents will be added to the Company’s preferred list and have the right to enjoy special policies for Distributors/Agents.

Purchase Receivables Management: Based on collaboration results and payment history, Distributors/Agents will have the opportunity to receive extended credit and receivables management policies from the Company.

III. Support Policies

1. Support Policy for Establishing Product Display Showrooms – Grand Opening

As per the agreement, Distributors/Agents will be supported with the following items:

  • Support for booth design; assistance in hanging advertising signs.

  • Support for sample doors; providing tools, sales support documents, including Distributor/Agent Certificate; Color samples; Catalog; Flyers…

  • Training, providing basic product knowledge, supplying documentation related to ordering, survey skills, installation, and understanding technical drawings…

  • Support in organizing the grand opening; assistance in market development.

2. Advertising, Marketing, and Sales Policies

  • Distributors/Agents will be introduced on the Alumax Company website without any communication fees.

  • Distributors/Agents will be supported in creating advertising fan pages.

  • Distributors/Agents will be supported in professional marketing activities, with costs borne by the Distributor/Agent.

  • Distributors/Agents will be updated on product information, prices, policies, marketing programs, promotions, and other sales promotion programs from the Seller.

  • Distributors/Agents will be supported technically – solutions from the Seller’s staff.

  • Distributors/Agents will be shared opportunities, profits, business benefits, and have a long-term, sustainable partnership with the Seller.

  • Distributors/Agents will be maximally protected against market fluctuations.

  • Distributors/Agents will be protected within the customer exploitation scope, ensuring fairness across the entire distribution system.

  • Distributors/Agents will be coordinated and supported by the Seller to expand the distribution market in their assigned areas.

  • Regional Distribution Authorization Policy

  • Distributors/Agents are authorized to develop a subordinate system in the distribution area and sell in the territory delegated by the Seller.

3. Sales Revenue Bonus Policy

The Sales Revenue bonus will be based on the actual sales value of Distributors/Agents on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis to calculate the bonus value, aiming to increase the commitment and appreciation of the collaboration between Authorized Distributors/Agents and the Seller.

Above is a summary of the policies for Distributors/Agents drafted by Alumax Vietnam. For more details, please refer to the software file provided by Alumax Vietnam.

For additional information, please contact the hotline at 0961 362 362 for the most detailed advice.

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