Alumax Vietnam Participates in the International Exhibition VIETBUILD Hanoi 2023

On the morning of March 15, Vietbuild Hanoi International Exhibition 2023 (1st edition) officially opened in Hanoi, focusing on the theme of Construction – Building Materials, Real Estate, and Interior-Exterior Decoration.

With the motto ‘Integration – Technology – Excellence,’ this year’s Vietbuild Hanoi exhibition has attracted the participation of more than 1,500 booths from 350 companies, both domestic and international.

The Vietbuild International Exhibition 2023 will contribute to supporting businesses in resuming production and trade, enhancing trade connections, supply and demand, and technology on the digital platform. This aims to promote socio-economic development post-pandemic, ensuring stability and market growth in 2023 in line with the government’s direction.

Alumax Việt Nam Tham Gia Triển Lãm Quốc Tế VIETBUIL Hà Nội 2023

Alumax Vietnam has participated with one booth at the exhibition, aiming to introduce and provide customers with the experience of the highest quality, diverse, and advanced products.

Khu Trưng Bày Sản Phẩm Của Alux Tại Triển Lãm Vietbuild

Alux Product Showcase at the Vietbuild Exhibition.

Khách Hàng Trải Nghiệm Tại Gian Hàng Của Alux

At the exhibition, Alumax Vietnam will introduce its latest products, including wood-grain steel doors, fire-resistant steel doors, fire-resistant rolling doors, aluminum glass doors, composite plastic doors, all manufactured on advanced technology production lines imported from Europe. Visitors to Alumax Vietnam’s booth will have the opportunity to experience unique products such as Alux wood-grain steel doors, Alux fire-resistant steel doors, and learn about the features, characteristics, and applications of these products. In addition, Alumax Vietnam’s experts will be available to provide direct consultation, address inquiries, and guide customers on the optimal and efficient use of the products.

Khách Hàng Tham Quan Tai Gian Hàng Trưng Bày Sản Phẩm

Customers’ Experience at Alux Product Showcase Booth.

Participating in the Vietbuild 2023 Exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for Alumax Vietnam to showcase and introduce its products, reaching out to potential customers. Simultaneously, it helps build and strengthen the brand, instilling confidence in customers regarding the products manufactured and supplied by Alumax Vietnam.

Cảm Ơn Các Đối Tác Luôn Đồng Hành Cùng Alumax Việt Nam

You’re Welcome! Thank you to all the partners who have always accompanied Alumax Vietnam.

Cảm Ơn Các Đối Tác Luôn Đồng Hành Cùng Alumax Việt Nam

The Vietbuild Hanoi 2023 exhibition will run from March 15th to the end of March 19th. This event marks the beginning of a series of 9 exhibitions taking place in all three regions of the country. The aim is to foster connections, support businesses in finding customers, and help manufacturers understand the evolving needs in terms of technology, techniques, and product quality.

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