Alumax Vietnam Sponsors the Vietnam Economic Workshop 2023

Alumax Vietnam sponsors the Vietnam Economic Workshop 2023: Facing & Overcoming Challenges.

On April 8, 2023, at the National Convention Center, the Vietnam Economic Workshop 2023: Facing and Overcoming Challenges will take place. The workshop is organized by PTI Education and Training Organization, PBS High-Quality Training Organization, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Development Research Institute (ABE Academy).

Alumax Vietnam proudly sponsors this workshop.

Thư Mời Hội Thảo Kinh Tế Việt Nam 2023

According to the forecast for 2023, the global economy is expected to face numerous uncertainties and competitions. Major economies such as the United States, Europe, and China are grappling with recession, while developing countries are burdened with public debt, weakening domestic currencies, and other challenges.

During the process of global integration, Vietnam is also facing challenges in issues such as inflation, disbursement of public investment, real estate, and liquidity in the banking system. External fluctuations are increasing, demanding that Vietnamese businesses be supported with synchronized and flexible financial and monetary solutions closely aligned with practical movements.

The workshop ‘Vietnam Economy 2023: Facing and Overcoming Challenges,’ expected to be attended by economic experts, reputable managers, and over 1000 business leaders in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, will provide valuable information, insights, and directional guidance on the global and Vietnamese economic situation. Additionally, the workshop aims to help entrepreneurs and managers have the opportunity to develop trade relationships within the SMEs business community.

As a member of SMEs, Alumax Vietnam is proud to contribute to sponsoring the organization of the Vietnam Economic Workshop 2023: Facing and Overcoming Challenges. We hope that after the workshop, economic experts and business managers will gain multidimensional insights into the global and Vietnamese economic situation, and also create more opportunities to develop trade relationships within the SMEs business community nationwide.

Vài Nét Về Nhà Tài Trợ Alumax Việt Nam

A few details about the sponsor Alumax Vietnam:

The Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company was established in August 2009. Over the course of 14 years of construction and development, Alumax Vietnam has become a prominent enterprise in the door industry, specializing in the manufacturing and installation of various high-end doors (aluminum-glass doors, wood-grain steel doors, fire-resistant steel doors, fire-resistant glass doors, etc.) in Vietnam.

Alumax Tuyển Đại Lý Toàn Quốc

In 2019, Alumax Vietnam took the initiative to invest in a new production line consisting of 100% equipment from the Swiss brand Bystronic. This investment was dedicated to the manufacturing of wood-grain steel doors and fire-resistant steel doors under the Alux brand. Simultaneously, the company attracted a highly experienced management team and skilled workforce to take control of production, affirming and enhancing Alumax Vietnam’s position in the field of door manufacturing and curved bending processing.

Alumax Tuyển Nhà Phân Phối Toàn Quốc

At present, Alumax Vietnam owns three factories located in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Ha Nam. The company has successfully developed a supply system for its products and services across the entire country.

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