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Currently, fire and explosion incidents pose the greatest danger to civil and commercial buildings as well as factories. Therefore, Decree 136 has been issued to tighten the management of firefighting activities. To meet the strict requirements of the Decree and mandatory positions that require the use of fire-resistant rolling doors as a safe corridor, Alumax Vietnam has introduced the EI90 fire-resistant rolling door product, which has been successfully tested and certified by the Fire Prevention and Control Police Department.

1.What is a Fire-Resistant Rolling Door?

The fire-resistant rolling door is an indispensable fire-resistant product in various constructions. It is suitable for places that require large-sized entrance doors with fire-resistant capabilities where fire-resistant steel doors cannot be used. Its fire-resistant effectiveness is also remarkable. In terms of appearance, there is not much difference between a regular rolling door and a fire-resistant rolling door.

However, as a fire-resistant product, it needs to have its own special features. Common types of rolling doors are controlled manually and by motors. Fire-resistant rolling doors are primarily motor-controlled, with the main difference being the motor, which is often fire-resistant.

2.Classification of Fire-Resistant Rolling Doors

The main function of fire-resistant rolling doors is to prevent the widespread spread of fires in the event of a fire or explosion. However, this type of door is also divided into 2 types and according to different functions. The basic types of fire-resistant rolling doors today are:

Classification according to function: 1-layer fire-resistant rolling doors and 2-layer fire-resistant rolling doors. Classification according to the time of fire prevention: Fire-resistant rolling doors Ei30 – 45 – 60 – 90 – 120.

Each type of door is durable and robustly constructed to provide long-lasting strength and prevent significant damage to personal and business assets.

3.Advantages of ALUX Fire-Resistant Rolling Doors Using new technology: With independent nanotechnology, the nanosheets of the rolling door are stacked parallel to each other when pulled up, reducing paint scratches compared to rolling the nanos in the rolling batch.

Rolling Door Slats are large-size sheets that make the door more robust. Each slat is independently linked to the pulley system, reducing the workload on the motor.

Door Designs: There is a diverse range of designs available in various colors. Particularly, the door can be coated with a wood grain layer according to the customer’s preferences.

Door Size: Currently, the unit has produced doors with openings up to 8000x6500mm, ensuring compliance with fire resistance requirements of ei15, ei30, ei45, ei60, ei90.

Installation and Operation: The installation process is relatively simple and does not require high technical expertise. The new slat stacking technology provides a smooth operation experience.

  • Durable and long lifespan: The slats are made of super-hard steel alloy, ensuring the door’s longevity and resistance to fire and explosions, thus ensuring the safety of the structure.

4. Outstanding Advantages of Fire-Rated Roller Doors

Most fire incidents occur in facilities such as production and business establishments, karaoke venues, shopping centers, or warehouses. They are often caused by electrical malfunctions, and fire safety awareness is not adequately emphasized among the public.

Regrettably, there have been many unfortunate incidents involving lives and property in fire incidents. The use of fire-resistant roller doors has become a crucial measure for fire prevention and asset protection. The specific advantages of this door type include:

Robust and Durable: Manufactured on modern German technology lines using imported materials, the door consists of two-layered aluminum alloy slats with wide surfaces. The robust structure, along with well-matched end caps and genuine accessories, ensures sturdiness. The electrostatically coated surface protects the door from oxidation, contributing to its high durability. The door’s robustness reduces the likelihood of damage, providing economic efficiency.

Effective Fire Resistance: Made from imported two-layer aluminum alloy and genuine accessories, the door possesses a strong structure capable of withstanding high temperatures. The electrostatically coated layer on the slats expands during a fire, producing gas with fire-extinguishing properties. The smooth operation of the door, with opening and closing speeds four times faster due to a dual-component sealing system, helps promptly contain fires, limiting damage to people and property. The installation of fire-resistant roller doors also integrates a fire alarm system, making fire prevention and firefighting tasks more manageable.

Aesthetic Appeal and Versatility: With a unique and modern design, advanced painting techniques provide the door with a beautiful and uniform color palette. This creates an elegant, prominent, and high-class appearance in construction spaces. The diverse designs and styles of the door cater to various architectural preferences, making it highly applicable across different projects.

Highest Security Level: Beyond fire resistance, enhancing aesthetic value, and protecting structures, these doors are equipped with various outstanding security features. The exclusive automatic locking mechanism prevents the door from being lifted from the inside, and the door lock retracts in emergencies. Intrusion warnings, including an alarm triggered by signs of tampering, contribute to a high level of security. The door halts and alarms automatically upon encountering obstacles during operation. The state-of-the-art ARC key copying prevention technology generates billions of random key codes after each unlock, representing the most modern anti-theft technology in roller doors.

5. Installation Locations for Fire-Rated Roller Doors

Constructed from specially durable materials, Alux fire-rated roller doors always ensure product quality. With four times faster opening and closing speeds than regular roller doors, they effectively prevent and extinguish fires, minimizing damage to people and property.

Here are suitable locations for installing fire-rated roller doors:

Warehouses and Storage Facilities: These are places where goods, belongings, or unfinished/finished products are stored. Especially in warehouses storing easily flammable materials, the two-layer fire-rated roller doors are the perfect choice. The unique design and modern features of these doors ensure maximum security, safety, and effective fire prevention.

Shopping Centers or Stores: In areas storing flammable goods or merchandise, fire prevention is crucial. The specially crafted material, modern design, and efficient fire-resistant system of these roller doors make them an ideal solution. They bring an elegant and sophisticated appearance to the construction space while ensuring maximum security and safety. The high level of security is especially important in retail environments.

Residential Areas: For residential areas, a fire-rated roller door is a suitable choice that demands high aesthetic appeal and maximum security. These doors not only prevent the spread of fires but also contribute to effective firefighting. Equipped with various modern and intelligent security features, these doors offer unique styles and designs.

In summary, fire-rated roller doors are versatile solutions that not only enhance the safety of commercial and industrial spaces but are also suitable for residential use. They bring together functionality, aesthetics, and security, making them an excellent choice for various installation locations.

6. Reasons to Install Fire-Rated Roller Doors

The rapid development of the roller door industry is clear evidence of the suitability of this product for the characteristics of residential buildings in Vietnam. Fire-rated roller doors, in particular, not only possess fire-resistant features but also ensure aesthetic appeal while integrating various smart functions such as heat resistance, soundproofing, and noise reduction.

Here is an expert opinion from a construction specialist at Alumax Vietnam addressing the question, “Should fire-rated roller doors be installed in warehouses?”

Safety Fire Resistance: With the increasing number of fire incidents causing immense losses in terms of lives and property, fire-rated roller doors stand as the top choice to prevent and combat regrettable incidents that can occur at any time. These doors are constructed from high-grade steel or alloys with excellent heat resistance. They can withstand strong external impacts without deformation. Equipped with a safe fire-resistant system, these doors help prevent the spread of fires and provide timely alarms to minimize damage during a fire.

Smooth Operation and Easy Maintenance: Fire-rated roller doors are coated with a layer of electrostatic paint that resists negative external forces effectively. Unlike regular wooden doors that are prone to cracking with weather changes, roller doors are always the optimal choice. Consequently, these doors operate durably and smoothly over an extended period. The scientifically designed roller components are highly robust, resisting decay and facilitating easy cleaning.

Enhanced Quality of Life: All types of roller doors, including fire-rated roller doors, provide a perfect solution to make life easier, modern, and convenient. These doors offer superior advantages over traditional hinged doors in terms of design, functionality, and features. Additionally, the modern security features and unique designs of these doors elevate the aesthetic appeal of the living space.

Moreover, fire-rated roller doors have many ventilation slots, making it easy to adjust the airflow for suitable light and air intake. This ensures proper air circulation in the house, preventing a stuffy and uncomfortable atmosphere.

Diverse Fire-Rated Options: Currently, fire-rated roller doors come in various types, such as doors with 60, 90, and 120 minutes of fire resistance. This diversity allows users to choose based on their specific needs.

Choosing a Reputable Manufacturer and Distributor: As the market demand for fire-rated roller doors continues to rise, there has been an influx of suppliers offering various products. However, due to the increasing demand, some manufacturers take advantage by selling counterfeit or low-quality products. Therefore, customers should research thoroughly to choose manufacturers directly involved in production, possessing strengths and reputable brands in the industry. Alux Fire-Rated Roller Doors are one of the well-known brands that specialize in manufacturing fire-resistant doors, earning the trust and high regard of customers.



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