Fire and explosion prevention with wood grain steel doors – Why not?

Fire and explosion prevention is a crucial factor in any construction project, so choosing the right type of door to ensure safety for a home is of utmost importance. In this article, let’s explore why many investors and construction projects opt for fire and explosion prevention with wood grain steel doors.

Are wood grain steel doors good?

Wood grain steel doors can be considered as a quality alternative to traditional wooden doors, steel doors, and faux wood steel doors. However, before delving into their fire and explosion resistance capabilities, let’s take a look at their prominent advantages.

Ensuring safety: Fire resistance is a crucial factor when choosing doors for various constructions such as condominiums, factories, industrial plants, offices, commercial centers, and hospitals. Therefore, most wood grain steel doors are made from steel sheets and specially designed to significantly minimize the risk of fire and ensure the safety of residents and employees in the event of a fire incident.

Are wood grain steel doors good?

With both the frame and surface made of steel, in addition to its fire resistance properties, wood grain steel doors are also reinforced to be sturdy, resistant to tampering, and intrusion, providing security for the home.

High aesthetic value: With a natural wood grain (faux) layer that closely resembles real wood, wood grain steel doors offer an elegant appearance similar to genuine wooden doors. The perfect combination of aesthetics and fire resistance makes these doors attractive and suitable for various architectural styles and interior spaces.

Diverse choices: Wood grain steel doors provide a wide range of options in terms of designs and sizes, catering to the design and usage needs of customers. The wood grain layer can be flexibly customized, from color to wood grain patterns, making it easy for Alux doors to adapt to various modern design trends.

Good durability and load-bearing capacity: Wood grain steel doors are made from high-quality steel material, which is capable of withstanding impact, resisting collisions, and has good water resistance. The combination of steel and the electrostatically painted wood grain layer enhances the durability and lifespan of the doors, ensuring long-term use while maintaining their original beauty.

Reasonable cost: Despite possessing numerous outstanding advantages, wood grain steel doors are still reasonably priced, making them suitable for various construction budgets and worthwhile investments in terms of safety and aesthetics.

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Why should fire and explosion prevention be done with wood grain steel doors?

In construction, wood grain steel doors are currently being widely used by many investors and in various projects for the purpose of fire and explosion prevention. In reality, the main function of wood grain steel doors is to prevent the spread of fire in buildings and structures. Therefore, in the event of a fire, wood grain steel doors contribute to minimizing the damage to both human lives and property.

Why should fire and explosion prevention be done with wood grain steel doors?

Can wood grain steel doors prevent fire and explosions?

Wood grain steel doors are made from steel material and have high thermal insulation and fire resistance capabilities. The door frame is typically around 1.2 – 1.4mm thick, while the thickness of the steel surface of the door leaf ranges from 0.7 – 1.0mm, depending on the preferences or usage requirements of the customer.

The steel material enables the door to with stand high temperatures for extended periods without deformation or weakening. Additionally, the specially designed and tightly sealed construction of the door enhances its ability to prevent smoke, fire spread, and ensures the safety of the house or building for a certain period of time, allowing residents to evacuate from the affected area.

Wood grain steel doors – The trend of the future

Nowadays, the use of wooden doors is facing many challenges due to the depletion of wood resources and the inherent disadvantages such as susceptibility to discoloration, warping, expansion, and cracking with changing weather conditions. Wood doors are also prone to termite infestation and deteriorate quickly. Moreover, wood materials lack fire resistance, compromising the safety of modern homes in the event of a fire incident.

On the other hand, wood grain steel doors not only offer a more cost-effective alternative to natural wood doors but also come with numerous notable advantages. With the application of modern technologies, wood grain steel doors are not only durable and safe but also aesthetically pleasing, meeting the majority of users’ needs.

Wood grain steel doors - The trend of the future

Furthermore, with the harsh climate in Vietnam, especially in the northern region, wood grain steel doors truly provide a perfect alternative to natural wood doors. By choosing wood grain steel doors, users not only ensure safety and save wood resources but also enjoy the beauty and high aesthetic value of this type of door, contributing to sustainable development in the field of architecture and construction.

With prominent advantages such as fire and explosion resistance, high aesthetic appeal, diverse choices, excellent durability, and reasonable pricing, Alux wood grain steel doors are an optimal solution for ensuring safety in various projects. They are also an attractive choice for creating aesthetic highlights in living and working spaces.

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