The Importance of Fire-resistant Steel Doors

Everyone knows that one of the most crucial benefits of fire-resistant steel doors is their ability to prevent the spread of fire. In the event of a fire, fire-resistant steel doors maintain their thermal integrity and prevent the fire from spreading from one area to another.

Advantages of Fire-Resistant Steel Doors

Advantages of Fire-Resistant Steel Doors

Previously, when mentioning fire-resistant steel doors, many people often associated them with large industrial facilities or warehouses. However, this perception has now changed, as in reality, this type of door is widely used in residential and civilian constructions with the purpose of ensuring the safety of human lives and fixed assets.

True to its name, fire-resistant steel doors are made of steel and have the ability to resist fire for a certain period. Compared to other conventional doors (which are often quickly destroyed in the event of a fire or explosion), steel doors act as a barrier, hindering the spread of smoke and fire (for a certain period), thereby providing conditions to extend the time and confine the fire, facilitating the evacuation of people and assets to safety.

Because it is made of steel, the door is designed to withstand force and protect against external impacts. Steel doors typically have a robust structure and durable materials, ensuring safety for users and assets inside. Especially, fire-resistant steel doors have the ability to withstand high pressure from a fire, helping protect the area from the impact of high temperatures, smoke, and preventing the spread of fire.

Thanks to the hydraulic door closer, fire-resistant steel doors can automatically close immediately after someone opens the door and passes through. Therefore, the door is always in a closed state and ready to deal with unexpected fire situations. This is why fire-resistant steel doors are becoming increasingly popular.

Another advantage of fire-resistant steel doors is their aesthetic appeal. Although they may not have the same level of aesthetics as other conventional doors (because the main function of the door is fire resistance), fire-resistant steel doors do not look overly bulky. Manufacturers often apply electrostatic paint or colored coatings that resemble wood, making the doors sleek and more user-friendly.

Where are fire-resistant steel doors installed?

Most fire incidents often arise from unexpected causes such as electrical malfunctions, equipment explosions, and occur in various locations, from private homes to public facilities such as supermarkets, shopping centers, and apartment buildings. The more crowded a place is, the more severe the consequences of a fire will be if not promptly extinguished.

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Therefore, the use of fire-resistant steel doors is currently a concern for most investors. Typically, fire-resistant steel doors are placed in emergency exit locations, technical rooms, staircases, and other areas in buildings. In the event of a fire or explosion, fire-resistant doors can withstand heat and prevent smoke, thus preventing the spread of the fire and smoke, providing extended time for people to move to safety.

The current prices of fire-resistant doors

Because the purpose of production is fire prevention and explosion prevention, the components and materials used in making fire-resistant doors are of higher quality than those used in ordinary doors. In addition, each time a door is sold for a project, it must undergo testing (meeting the requirements for fire prevention and firefighting), so the price of fire-resistant steel doors will be higher compared to other types of doors on the market.

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Therefore, each brand of fire-resistant steel doors will have price variations. The door’s pricing depends on raw material costs, design, fire resistance coefficient, accompanying accessories, etc. Therefore, customers should contact the manufacturer to get detailed quotes for the door system.

However, due to being manufactured from high-quality materials, fire-resistant steel doors have very high durability, resistance to impact, and excellent weather resistance. This makes them a suitable and reliable choice for various construction projects.



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