The Truth About the Efficacy of Fire-Resistant Steel Doors?

When fire and explosions occur, doors and emergency exits play a particularly crucial role in limiting damage to both people and property. Therefore, during the construction process, investors and project owners pay significant attention to the use of fire-resistant steel doors to ensure the safety of their structures.

So, what are fire-resistant steel doors?

Fire-resistant steel doors are understood to be a specially designed type of door with the ability to withstand high temperatures for an extended period, helping to minimize or prevent the spread of fire from one area to another, thus reducing potential damage to both material assets and human lives.

According to statistics, thousands of fire incidents occur in our country every year, causing significant damage to both lives and property. Therefore, during the construction process, investors, project owners (or homeowners) in urban areas, residential complexes, schools, hospitals, or places with potential fire and explosion risks prioritize the use of these fire-resistant steel doors to ensure safety.

Structure of fire-resistant steel doors:

  • Door frame: Typically constructed from steel sheets with a thickness ranging from 1.2 to 2mm, electrostatically painted.
  • Fire-resistant door leaf: Usually composed of three layers, with the outer two layers made of steel sheets with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.2mm; the core is made of thermal insulation foam, glass wool, or honeycomb paper. The door leaf is electrostatically painted, and the normal swing is typically made of stainless steel.
  • Rubber gaskets: Act to prevent smoke and avoid door impacts. In addition, there are accompanying accessories such as locks, hydraulic door closers, panic bars, fire-resistant glass, etc.

Fire-resistant steel doors have different levels, such as 60 minutes, 70 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, or longer (depending on the safety requirements of the construction project that the customer uses).

3 reasons to use fire-resistant steel doors:

  1. Provides safety for users: Made from high-quality steel and alloys, this type of door can withstand high temperatures for an extended period, protecting lives and property.
  2. High durability: The durability of fire-resistant steel doors is significantly superior to many other conventional door types. They remain robust for decades, offering excellent sound insulation, weather resistance, and load-bearing capabilities.
  3. Reasonable price: The cost of these doors is not much higher than many other conventional door types, yet they come with numerous superior advantages, ensuring safety for users.

cửa thép chống cháy

One noteworthy point: There are currently numerous fire-resistant steel products available on the market from both domestic and international enterprises. Therefore, when considering the use of fire-resistant steel doors, customers should carefully check whether the product has been certified to meet fire safety standards. It is crucial because there are many low-quality fire-resistant doors on the market, posing a risk to human safety during usage.



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