Top 5 advantages of fireroof steel doors

Fire-resistant steel doors are a popular choice for industrial buildings, warehouses, residential buildings, and commercial areas. Here are the top 5 advantages of fire-resistant steel doors that you should know:

What are Fire-Resistant Steel Doors?

Firstly, these doors are designed to resist fire, with the ability to withstand high temperatures for an extended period. Simultaneously, they have the capability to prevent flames and toxic smoke from spreading to other areas, minimizing the risk of widespread fires.

Fire-resistant steel doors are a safe and crucial solution in protecting both property and human lives. Consequently, with the advancement of technology, fire-resistant steel doors are continuously improved with many superior advantages compared to conventional doors.

Here are 5 advantages of fire-resistant steel doors:

1.Superior Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is the primary function that must be mentioned first, as fire-resistant steel doors are designed and constructed differently. The door frame is made of electrostatically painted steel sheets with a thickness ranging from 1.2 to 2.0mm. The door leaf (the most crucial part) consists of three layers, with the outer two layers made of steel sheets with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.2mm. In between the two layers is a fire-resistant core system tasked with enhancing soundproofing, thermal insulation, and fire resistance.

The fire-resistant gasket system is designed to tightly seal gaps when exposed to heat, preventing smoke from spreading to other areas during a fire. The hydraulic door closer is also a crucial component with the function of keeping the door closed, ensuring absolute safety for individuals during the evacuation process in the unfortunate event of a fire.

2.Ensuring Human Safety

In any fire incident, preserving human life is of utmost importance. This is precisely why any customer would want to purchase fire-resistant doors for installation in their own projects…

3.Long Lifespan, Durable Use

Made from premium-grade steel, fire-resistant steel doors are highly durable and can withstand risks from large flames or external forces. According to experts, fire-resistant steel doors can undergo numerous inspections while maintaining excellent quality. Therefore, despite the higher cost compared to other door types, fire-resistant steel doors remain highly popular.

4.Easy Maintenance

Unlike conventional wooden doors that may deteriorate, become infested with pests, or get damaged over time, the surface of fire-resistant steel doors is coated with electrostatic paint, enhancing the door leaf’s durability. Additionally, these doors are scientifically designed, ensuring absolute safety for users.

The electrostatic paint coating on the door surface simplifies and facilitates cleaning and maintenance tasks. It also minimizes rusting during use. Moreover, the installation, repair, and maintenance of these doors are straightforward, requiring minimal time and effort.

However, the fire-resistant doors used in apartment buildings, coated with electrostatic paint on the exterior, make it easy for users to maintain the paint color and ensure high durability

5.No Deformation

This is a standout advantage of fire-resistant steel doors compared to other door types, particularly in our country’s hot and humid climate with frequent rain. Temperature fluctuations can cause variations that lead to cracks or warping in doors, resulting in a loss of size, technical specifications, and aesthetic factors, directly impacting the quality and the primary function of fire resistance.

These superior advantages make fire-resistant steel doors an excellent choice for the current needs of every customer.

Meanwhile, fire-resistant steel doors withstand all harsh weather conditions, consistently fulfilling their duty to protect both property and human safety without compromising their original aesthetic appeal.

Therefore, choosing fire-resistant steel doors is an optimal decision for your construction project.



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