TOP 5 Beautiful and Reputable Wood Grain Steel Door Products in Vietnam

Wood grain steel doors are becoming a popular choice for construction projects. However, many people wonder which brands are both good in quality and affordable. In this article, I will introduce you to the Top 5 beautiful and reputable wood grain steel door products in Vietnam.

Trends in Interior Doors in Modern Architecture

In the past, wooden doors were always favored by the majority of people due to their natural beauty and Feng Shui compatibility. However, nowadays, with the scarcity of wood and its inherent weaknesses such as susceptibility to warping, termite damage, peeling paint, or cracking due to temperature changes, wooden doors have gradually lost market share and are being replaced by wood grain steel doors.

Cửa thép vân gỗ đẹp

Additionally, due to their limited fire resistance, which is a crucial aspect of modern homes, wooden doors have been overtaken by wood grain steel doors in the race to become the doors of the future.

The advantages of wood grain steel doors

The first advantage that must be mentioned is its fire resistance. Due to being made of steel and fire-resistant materials, wood grain steel doors have a high fire resistance, meeting the standards and certification from the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department.

In addition to fire resistance, this type of door is highly regarded for its safety features and resistance to burglary, providing security for homeowners and their properties.

Similar to aluminum and glass doors, wood grain steel doors have high durability, ensuring long-term use without warping or termite damage. These doors also provide better thermal and sound insulation compared to other materials due to the honeycomb paper core structure.

Ưu điểm của cửa thép vân gỗ

The cost of wood grain steel doors is not excessively high, and when combined with the use of good-quality accessories, it helps homeowners save on future repair, maintenance, or replacement costs.

Aesthetics is also a prominent advantage of wood grain steel doors. With a variety of colors and the ability to simulate various precious woods such as teak, rosewood, jackfruit wood, tangerine wood, walnut wood, the wood grain finish enhances the beauty of the house and provides users with multiple options to choose from.

Top 5 beautiful and reputable wood grain steel door products

In Vietnam, there are many reputable companies specializing in manufacturing and supplying high-quality wood grain steel doors. Below, we would like to introduce you to the top 5 most beautiful wood grain steel door products in Vietnam, based on consumer reviews and expert evaluations in the construction industry.

  • Alux wood grain steel door
  • Koffmann wood grain steel door
  • Glaxy wood grain steel door
  • Goonsan wood grain steel door
  • Thống Nhất wood grain steel door

1. Alux Wood Grain Steel Door (Alumax Vietnam)

The Alux wood grain steel door brand by Alumax Vietnam has been in development for over 14 years in the production of steel doors and fire-resistant rolling doors for various projects. Alumax Vietnam has invested in a factory spanning over 30,000 square meters in Ha Nam, equipped with a fully synchronized machinery system imported 100% from Bystronic – Switzerland. They have implemented a comprehensive production process for Alux wood grain steel doors, ensuring the delivery of beautiful and superior quality products.

Cửa thép vân gỗ Alux

Currently, Alumax Vietnam offers a range of products on the market, including wood grain steel doors, fire-resistant steel doors, fire-resistant rolling doors, aluminum and glass doors, and composite wood-plastic doors. They also provide comprehensive solutions for leading door stores in Vietnam.

Contact information:

Headquarters: No. 70 Nam Duong Street, Group 20, Thượng Thanh Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi.

Hotline: 0961 362 362

The Alux wood grain steel door is favored by consumers due to its numerous outstanding advantages, including:

  • No warping, shrinking, or termite damage.
  • Safety features: fire and explosion resistance, burglary resistance.
  • Thermal and sound insulation, creating a peaceful environment.
  • No peeling, easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Long lifespan, durability over time.
  • Various colors, suitable for various interior space.
  • More affordable compared to natural wood doors.

2. Koffmann wood grain steel door

The Koffmann brand has been present in the Vietnamese market since 2016. The main products offered by Koffmann include wood grain steel doors, fire-resistant steel doors, and security doors that meet high standards in terms of quality, fire resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Koffmann steel doors have been introduced in various large designs and different styles, catering to the preferences of users. Customers also have the option to place custom orders and request personalized designs to create a unique impression for their homes.

3. Glaxy wood grain steel door

Galaxy wood grain steel doors are a reputable brand in the Vietnamese market. This local brand has invested in a modern factory that meets fire safety standards and adheres to standardized production processes. Galaxy wood grain steel doors offer a wide variety of designs and styles, making them a popular choice for entrance doors, room dividers, windows, and bedroom doors.

4. Goonsan wood grain steel door

Goonsan wood grain steel doors are produced using modern technology from Korea. The products offered by Goonsan are diverse in terms of designs and styles, with the ability to customize according to specific requirements, providing a wide range of choices for Vietnamese consumers. The price range of Goonsan steel doors falls into the high-end segment, offering various pricing options for customers.

5. Thống Nhất wood grain steel door

Cửa thép vân gỗ Thống Nhất is a product of Thống Nhất Services and Trading Joint Stock Company. It is constructed using galvanized steel and manufactured on an automated production line, following international quality management standards. Aside from its beautiful and modern designs, Thống Nhất wood grain steel doors excel in features such as resistance to warping, termite damage, color fading, fire, theft, and harsh weather conditions in Vietnam.

The aforementioned are the top 5 reputable and beautiful wood grain steel door products in Vietnam that you can consider when purchasing. However, before making a choice, it is important to carefully consider factors such as quality, price, and after-sales service to ensure that you obtain a reliable and high-quality product.

For the best assistance, please call 0961 362 362! We will provide you with detailed door samples and quotations.

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